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Scheme leaver details

Scheme leavers (members)

Please provide the total number of members who have left the scheme in the 12 month period leading up to the date at which the most recent membership information has been provided, eg if you have provided membership information as at 31 March in one year, please inform us how many members left the scheme since 1 April in the previous year. Please then separate this into the following categories:

  1. Retired and receiving benefits – to include all scheme members who have retired and their money has been transferred to a third party to provide their benefits. Please also include the members who have been paid a trivial commutation lump sum. If the scheme member has their benefits provided by the scheme please do not include this here, but rather include these members as pensioner members.
  2. Transferred to another scheme – to include all members who have transferred their assets to another pension scheme, either workplace or individual. Please do not include here any members who have taken short service refunds.
  3. Other  - to include all members who have left the scheme within the last year for some reason other than retirement or transferring to another scheme. This includes members who have short service refunds, member deceasing (including retired members deceasing where they had their retirement benefits paid by the scheme). Please also include any other members who have left the scheme for any other reason where there is an associated payment by the scheme (either to the member or transfer to another scheme). Please do not include workers opting out of an automatic enrolment scheme within the opt-out period.