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Add manager of the scheme

Manager of the scheme

'Manager of the scheme' means the person responsible for the management of the scheme, and it is the manager who is responsible for notifying the regulator when a scheme becomes registrable and providing all the registrable information. The regulator anticipates that generally the 'manager of the scheme' will be the same as the 'scheme manager' identified in scheme regulations as responsible for managing or administering the scheme, but if you are unsure whether this is the case for your scheme you should check this point to ensure that the information provided to the regulator is accurate.

Where the manager of the scheme is a Minister or Chief Police Officer, the role rather than the individual should be identified. Contact details for Ministers should be provided for his / her private office or a relevant departmental official.

Where the manager of the scheme is an organisation, for example a local administering authority, the name of the authority should be provided. Contact details should be provided for a relevant officer.