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Event details Type 6 Breach of banking covenant

Date of notifiable event

Provide the date of the event

Provide details of the event

Include as much information as you can about the event. Include multiple reasons where relevant. The more information you provide at this stage, the less likely it is we will need to contact you for further information.

Name of bank

Provide the name of the bank in full. If you know the address and telephone number of the bank, please provide the details in the additional information section.

Further action

Is the bank going to take further action State whether it is known that the bank is going to take action. Provide details in the box below to clarify your answer eg

  • If yes, provide details of the action the bank is going to take
  • If no, provide information as to why the bank is not taking action
  • If unknown, provide information as to why the outcome is unknown