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Notifiable Events Type 2 Transfer of more than 5%

Date of notifiable event

Provide the date the transfer took place

Relevant member details

Provide the name of the member in full. Only enter the name of one member. If you wish to report transfers relating to more than one member, complete a new event report each time.

Name of scheme in receipt of (or making) the transfer

This should be the full name of the pension scheme as written in the latest trust deed or any other subsequent amending document. We advise you not to include any scheme reference numbers as part of the scheme name.

PSR number of the scheme

This is the unique eight digit reference number, allocated to the scheme by the Pensions Regulator when the scheme is registered. This number will start with a 1.

Transfer amount

The transfer amount should be a monetary amount in GBP. The amount can be provided up to two decimal places. If the original currency was not GBP, provide confirmation of the method of conversion in the additional information section.

Provide details of the reason for the event

Include as much information as you can about the reason for the event. Include multiple reasons where relevant. The more information you provide at this stage, the less likely it is we will need to contact you for further information.