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Main options

Associate to a registered scheme

The following options are available for registered schemes:

  • Complete a scheme return
  • Maintain the details of a scheme
  • Wind up a scheme (including section 72A reports)
  • Online payment of levy and setting up a direct debit
  • Report a breach of law

and if the scheme has defined benefits:

  • Report a notifiable event
  • Submit a contingent asset certificate
  • Submit a deficit reduction contribution certificate
  • Record details of a block transfer
  • Submit a recovery plan

Share limited information with us about a registered scheme

The following online options are available when you are not associated with the scheme:

  • Report a notifiable event
  • Report a breach of law

Download and print a form

The following forms are currently available:

  • Reporting a notifiable event*
  • Reporting a breach of law*
  • Setting up a direct debit

* Before deciding to download and print a form please remember that it is likely to involve less work for you and for us if you report a breach or notifiable event online