Levy payments

We are unable to take payment details via telephone or payments by credit card.

Make a debit card payment for outstanding levy

If you wish to pay the outstanding levy balance in full, select 'Make a debit card payment'. You won't be able to pay by debit card if the outstanding amount is greater than £10,000.

Set up a direct debit for levy payments

If you wish to pay your levy by direct debit, select 'Set up a direct debit'. If a direct debit is already set up for this scheme, you will not be able to amend this or add a new direct debit form online.

Please complete the direct debit form from our website and send this to us at the below address:

Email: DebtRecovery@tpr.gov.uk

Post:      The Pensions Regulator
              PO Box 5185
              BN50 9WG