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Assets and contributions

Total net assets

Please provide the market value of all net assets. This should include all cash, bonds, stocks, shares, property, and any other assets as at the scheme year end date used for the latest membership figures you have given. The total value should be net of any liabilities, for example, loans taken by the scheme.

Total contributions

Please provide the total amount that has been contributed in the scheme year up to the scheme year end date used for the latest membership figures you have given. Please also include any special contributions (non-cash contributions such as property or shares etc).

Please separate values into:

Employer – Contributions made by the employer and not deducted from salary. Where age-related rebates have been paid in respect of DC members contracted out of the State Second Pension scheme prior to April 2012, please include these payments as an employer contribution. Where salary/bonus sacrifice (also known as salary/bonus exchange) arrangements are in place, the additional contributions should be included as employer contributions.

Employee – Contributions paid by the employee, for example by deduction from salary.

Transfers – Transfers into the scheme from another pension scheme.

Default investment strategy

A default investment strategy option is the investment vehicle (or combination of funds) that will be selected automatically for a member joining the scheme, unless the member specifies an alternative. Please note that use of a default investment strategy option is a requirement for a scheme to qualify for automatic enrolment.  

If you use a default investment strategy, please let us know the total proportion of all members (including active and deferred) in that strategy, including those members who have made an active choice to be in that strategy.