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Amend insurer

Insurer reference number(s)

What we would like is the reference used by the insurer to refer to the whole scheme. You're likely to find this in correspondence from the insurer. If you can't locate a reference for the whole scheme, you can enter the insurer's policy or plan numbers.

Administration services

Where the insurer provides administration services for any element of the scheme, whether DB, Hybrid or DC, please answer ‘Yes’ to this question. Please separately add any other insurers or administrators who are associated with this scheme.

Hybrid schemes may have more than one administrator or insurer/administrator associated with the scheme. DB and DC schemes will only have one administrator or insurer/administrator associated with the scheme.

For public service schemes, please do not provide details of any insurer whose only purpose is the provision and/or administration of Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC’s).

Named contact details

In addition to contact details for the company (e.g. a switchboard number and generic email address), please provide the name and direct contact details for a person at the company who takes an active role in relation to the scheme that the regulator can use when it wishes to contact the company.

Please provide the individual’s direct telephone number (direct dial number or mobile number) and not a switchboard number.

Please provide the individual’s direct email address (e.g. provide the email address for the individual and not a general shared email address such as ‘info@’ or ‘admin@)’. It is acceptable to use web-based email addresses such as ‘’.