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Initial questions

Is this a multi-employer segregated scheme?

A sectionalised/segregated scheme can be specifically set up to be this type of scheme or sometimes a scheme will become this type of scheme following an employer ceasing to participate depending on scheme rules.  Where a scheme is sectionalised or segregated each section will be treated as if it were a separate scheme for the purposes of the legislation.  Whether a scheme is a sectionalised/segregated scheme is a matter of law and the legal definition of a segregated scheme can be found in regulation 1 of the Pension Protection Fund (Multi-employer Schemes) (Modification) Regulations 2005 and the definition of a sectionalised scheme can be found in paragraph 1 of Schedule 2 of the Occupational Pension Schemes (Scheme Funding) Regulations 2005.  If you are uncertain whether your scheme is this type of scheme, please speak to the scheme's professional advisers .

Has the scheme been wound up and no longer exists?

A wound up scheme has no members, no assets and no liabilities.  This is different to a scheme where the intention is to pay no further contributions into it but which retains members with deferred pension benefits (known as 'paid up' or 'frozen').

Does the scheme currently have fewer than two members?

If the scheme no longer has 2 or more members, it's no longer registrable. However, should the numbers ever increase to 2 or more members, the trustees are legally obliged to inform the Pensions Regulator.