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Notifiable events - Trustee details

Trustee details

Please enter in full the details of the main trustee contact. If the trustee is a corporate trustee, please enter the company name and the details of individual we can contact within the company.

Type of trustee

Please select the option that best describes the type of trustee, where:

Principal or participating employer trustee
is where the trustee is an employer participating in the scheme. This employer can either be the principal or participating employer.

Employer-appointed trustee
is a trustee who is appointed by the employer.

Member-nominated trustee
is a trustee nominated by the active members and pensioners of the scheme and selected by some of the members. A member-nominated trustee is nearly always a member of the scheme.

Corporate trustee
is a company (which may be related to the employer (or the employer itself)) set up to act as trustee for one or a series of related or associated schemes.

Professional trustee

A professional trustee is a person (whether or not incorporated) who acts as a trustee of the scheme in the course of business of being a trustee.  Someone will normally be considered a professional trustee if they have represented or promoted themselves to the trustees or sponsors of one or more unrelated schemes as having expertise in trustee matters generally (rather than just in certain areas), whether for remuneration or otherwise.  An unrelated scheme is a scheme where they have never been a member (either of that scheme or a scheme with a sponsoring employer in the same corporate group ) and they have never been employed by, or been a director of, any participating employer in the scheme (or any employer in the same corporate group).  Please see our professional trustee description policy for a more detailed explanation and examples.

However, where relevant, we will consider on a case by case basis whether any trustee or trustee director is in fact a professional trustee.

Statutory independent trustee
is independent with no direct or indirect involvement with the pension scheme, employers, members or advisers, other than performing the duties of the trustees and since April 2005 only appointed by the Pensions Regulator, usually where an insolvency practitioner has been appointed in relation to an employer.

Appointed by the regulator trustee is where the trustee is appointed by the Pensions Regulator.

Pensioneer trustee
A professional trustee that, prior to 6 April 2006, had to be appointed to carry out defined administrative functions for 'small self administered schemes' (or SSAS).