Amend DC scheme membership

Total number of active members

Active member - a person whose employment with the employer qualifies the member for benefits under the scheme and benefits continue to accrue.

Total number of deferred members

Deferred member - a person who has benefits under the scheme and is not accruing any more.

Total number of pensioner members

Pensioner member - a person who is currently receiving a pension from the scheme.

Completion instructions

You need to complete the membership table with the number of members* in the pension scheme for each of the categories given below. Only count each member once, as defined in section 124 of the Pensions Act 1995.

Priority for apportioning members is:

  1. Active member
  2. Deferred member **
  3. Pensioner member

For example, if a member has both active and deferred benefits, only count the member once as an active member.

If this is a new scheme which does not have a scheme year end between these dates, please insert the scheme membership at the date on which the scheme first became registrable and enter an effective date of 1 April of the year between these dates.

* A pensioner member is a person who is currently receiving a pension from the scheme.

Please include in the total number of pensioner members the following:

Please note that there may be some members who have retired and drawn their scheme benefits but who are not classed as pensioner members. Specifically, please exclude from the total number of pensioner members, those receiving a pension in the following way:

** Pension credit members, where applicable, should be counted as deferred members.

Member age profiles

Please provide the number of active and deferred members which fall into the two age categories: '50 to 59' and '60 and over'. The system will check the number of members provided against the most up-to-date membership figures you can provide.