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DB add corporate trustee

Corporate trustee types

Appointed by the regulator trustee

A company or corporate entity appointed as a trustee by the Pensions Regulator.

Principal or participating employer trustee

A trustee which is also a principal or participating employer in the scheme.

Professional trustee

A professional trustee is a person (whether or not incorporated) who acts as a trustee of the scheme in the course of business of being a trustee.  Someone will normally be considered a professional trustee if they have represented or promoted themselves to the trustees or sponsors of one or more unrelated schemes as having expertise in trustee matters generally (rather than just in certain areas), whether for remuneration or otherwise.  An unrelated scheme is a scheme where they have never been a member (either of that scheme or a scheme with a sponsoring employer in the same corporate group ) and they have never been employed by, or been a director of, any participating employer in the scheme (or any employer in the same corporate group).  Please see our professional trustee description policy for a more detailed explanation and examples.

However, where relevant, we will consider on a case by case basis whether any trustee or trustee director is in fact a professional trustee.

Corporate trustee

An entity (which may be in the employer’s corporate group) which acts as trustee for one or a series of schemes in relation to that employer group.

Please note: this is not the correct option to choose where the trustee performs its trusteeship for profit

Named contact details

In addition to contact details for the company (e.g. a switchboard number and generic email address), please provide the name and direct contact details for a person at the company who takes an active role in relation to the scheme that the regulator can use when it wishes to contact the company.

Please provide the individual’s direct telephone number (direct dial number or mobile number) and not a switchboard number.

Please provide the individual’s direct email address (e.g. provide the email address for the individual and not a general shared email address such as ‘info@’ or ‘admin@)’. It is acceptable to use web-based email addresses such as ‘’.

Companies house reference number

All UK limited companies have to register with Companies House.

A Companies House number is a unique eight digit reference number which identifies a company. You can look up a Companies House reference at