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Breach details Type 7 Failure to complete Scheme funding (Part 3) valuation

Date of breach

The date of breach should be the date the law was breached. For more information on when you should report a breach of law, see the guidance on our website:

Have the details been updated on Exchange?

It's important that you notify the regulator when your scheme details change. Exchange, our online service allows you to share important information with us about your scheme and the flexible service allows you to keep your scheme details up-to-date at a time when most convenient for you.

What is the timetable for completing the valuation?

The timetable should include all key steps necessary to complete the valuation process up to and including submission of the valuation to the Regulator via Exchange. The timetable should also set out the date by which each such key step will be completed, which has been consulted and agreed upon by any party who may impact on the deliverance of the valuation timetable (e.g. trustees, employer, advisors etc.).