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Employer details

Employer type

The principal employer is the employer named in the scheme's latest trust deed and rules and any subsequently amending deeds and usually has powers, e.g. the power to appoint trustees, amend the scheme rules or wind up the scheme. A scheme can only have one principal employer at any point in time. Not all schemes have an employer which is the principal employer.

A participating employer is any employer whose employees can participate in the scheme.

If the employer is the principal employer but also has employees who can participate in the scheme, then the employer is 'Principal and participating'.
Please note that as a scheme can only have one current principal employer - all other employers will be participating.

Companies house number

All UK limited companies have to register with Companies House.
A Companies House number is a unique eight digit reference number which identifies a company. You can look up a Companies House number at

Registered charity number

You can look up a charities number at

Experian unique identifier

Experian unique identifier

This is a 17 numeric number which will replace the previous Dun & Bradstreet number that schemes were asked for.

What to provide

Schemes need to provide their Experian unique identifier for employers and contingent asset guarantors if they are eligible to pay the Pension Protection Fund (PPF) levy. We have pre-populated the data for the trustees to confirm in the scheme return.

Where to find it

The Experian unique identifier can be found on the Experian Web Portal.