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Upload new supporting document

Type of document

Please provide a scanned PDF of the signed recovery plan and schedule of contributions (either as separate files or as one file containing both documents) and select the appropriate option(s).

You are requested to attach the scheme’s statement of funding principles (SFP), and statement of investment principles (SIP). If you have a combined SIP and SFP in one document, please attach it as a SFP. We recognize that some schemes may be exempt from the requirement to have both these documents in place, as such submission is therefore voluntary where trustees have produced them.

If you need to upload additional documents to support this submission, please select 'other supporting documents' with each upload.

Please note, we would only expect salient documents to accompany the submission and therefore would not expect, for example, the full Part 3 valuation to be submitted at this time.

We will only accept supporting documentation in PDF format.