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Recovery plan details

Date plan commenced

Enter the date the (new) schedule of contributions was certified by the scheme actuary.

Date 50% paid

The Pensions Regulator is primarily interested in the total deficit payments - please do not split out 'existing' and 'new' deficit payments.

Average investment return

Please show an average rate which reconciles assets and liabilities at the valuation date with the deficit contributions. If the recovery plan is based on assets/liabilities at a date after the valuation, please adjust the assumption used at the calculation date for the change in deficit.

Deficit payments

Include both those scheduled as a result of this valuation, and any paid following the valuation date as a result of other agreements.Where contributions are linked to indices or salaries, include an estimate of what will be paid. Do not include future contributions contingent on events.

PPF descriptors

For further information on Type A, B and C contingent assets, see

Contingent assets

Please select one of the above options for any contingent assets in place to support the funding plan. If there is a different type of contingent asset or more than one of these options are in place, please specify here, along with any relevant additional information.